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With the right care and attention your grass will look green, and healthy throughout the whole year. Simply green Lawns offers a full range of services designed to give your lawn the best chance of achieving a beautiful condition so that you and your family can enjoy.


Note: Our services include removing all hollow-tine cores off your lawn after aeration, and a FREE lawn cut immediately after scarifying your lawn at no additional cost.

Services to acheive a great looking lawn

This process will remove the majority of thatch and moss build-up without destroying the lawn. A balance between removal of dead debris and leaving enough for the lawn to recover is fine art.


Scarifying the grass once or twice a year greatly assists in removing thatch and moss, allowing the grass and its roots to develop properly.


Whatever lawn care services you require, simply call:


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Virtually every lawn will benefit from this service as it improves air, water, and nutrients movement in the soil and in particular the root zone areas, whilst also promoting increased microbial activity. It is a great way to combat compaction, sub-surface thatch and address some of the problems that can occur in the lawn such as dry patch, or drainage issues.


When lawns suffer from compaction, it gives the grass roots little room to breathe, and restricts water and oxygen penetration, which are vital for the development of a healthy lawn. With our aeration programme, we create airways through a hollow-core aeration programme so the grass and roots can prosper.

*And whenever we aerate a lawn we will always rake up & remove the many thousands of cores off the lawn (at no extra cost).

Hollow-tine Aeration

The lawn can be home to many unwanted "little" visitors or diseases that can severely harm the appearance

and health of your grass. There are several preventative treatments which can be applied that will ensure your lawn stays in tip-top condition and combats any intrusion. For further details please contact us.

FREE quotations available upon request.

Pest and disease control

In order to find out the best way to give your lawn the right treatment to grow so that you can enjoy it all year, get a free quote and full lawn analysis report.

Do you want your lawn analysed for the correct treatment?

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