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Over the years we have seen most of the problems faced by gardeners and have come up with a list of questions and the answers we give. If you have any questions that are not here, we are happy to answer them if you call and arrange a free quote and lawn analysis.

Some frequently asked questions

Should I try the service even though I think my lawn is beyond saving?

Absolutely. Home owners are constantly amazed to see what they thought was a lawn beyond saving transformed into a beautiful lawn.


When is the best time to start the service?

As soon as you start to care about the condition and look of your lawn is correct time. There is never a bad time to start creating a beautiful lawn. You can start our service at any time during the year and we are only to pleased to offer you FREE advice at any time of the year.


When will I notice the difference?

Depending on the condition of your lawn, you should start to see considerable improvements within a couple of weeks of our products being applied.


Is it safe for my children or pets?

Yes it is. We do ask that you keep off the lawn until the some of the products we use have settled into the lawn (usually less than 1 hour). This is to ensure the products are fully effective.


Do I have to sign a contract?

No. We are confident in our service and results we produce therefore we want our customers enjoy the Simply Green Lawns experience and not feel obligated by a contract. Our normal service is offered on a Pay-as-you-go basis, however we also offer discounted annual packages. Please ask for further details.


Do I have to be in when Simly Green Lawns calls?

As long as we have easy access to the lawns you do not have to be at home.


Does it really cost less than doing it myself?

Treatment costs vary depending on the size of the lawn however our treatment services start from just £10.00*.


What if I already have a Gardener?

Many of SIMPLY GREEN LAWNS customers already have a gardener. Our specialist top quality lawn treatment products are simply not available to either your gardener or the public in general. Our service will enhance their work by improving the quality of your lawn


Is Simply Green Lawns licensed to treat lawns?

All our lawn experts are fully qualified and hold the appropriate National Proficiency Training Council licence for the safe use of the products we apply.


Are the products that Simply Green Lawns apply better than the proprietary brands I can get from a Garden Centre or wholesaler?

The best proprietary lawn feeds generally last between 3 - 6 weeks, depending on your soil type, whereas our professional feeds last between 10-12 weeks, and our winter applications survive for 4-5 months. Furthermore our wide range of herbides, pesticides, and technical products are not available to the domestic or non-licensed market.


Will the treatments address moss?

Our products, treatments and services are all geared to addressing all problems with your lawns, and in particular all moss related issues.


Will you be able to give advice on lawn mowers and mowing?

A beautiful lawn involves much more than applying a feed and weed every couple of months therefore mowing practices, advice on watering and numerous other factors all contribute to achieving the perfect result. We are always willing to offer you as much advice as you would like.


Do I have to maintain the lawn following the treatment?

You do not have to anything immediately after treatment however generally, your lawn will require water at regularly intervals and frequent cutting (not too short) to maintain a healthy conditioned lawn.


If I recommend you to my friends and relatives do I get anything for this?

If you friend or relative also require our service we will be delighted to give you £10.00 off your next treatment or service that we provide, and there is no limit to the amount of people you can recommend.


Environmental Policy:

By employing Simply Green Lawns you will no longer harbour half used lawn weed killers in your shed or under the sink which are potentially hazardous. We will not apply products to your to your lawn unnecessarily, and where appropriate we will incorporate cultural and organic methods (non-pesticide) to improve your lawn.


*Minimum starting price covers upto 50 square metres of lawn.

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